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Oh yeah, I am thankful

 It is only 9:30 am and dwelling on today’s thankful thought is way, way easy!   Here I am sitting across from the husband at Panera Bread.  He is reading his Bible and I, not being as disciplined as he, am in the land of blogging.  Did I mention that we are sans kids?   […]

plain and simple

 I am thankful that the husband and I are home ALONE.   Overnight.  It is that plain and simple. 


After having a MASSIVELY MASSIVELY full day, the thing that I am most thankful for is ENERGY!   Just like looking at your monthly budget and having no idea how on earth the bills are paid, I replay my days in my head and am always in awe that I made it through.   I […]

The thankful theme apparently involves a lot of people

 As I sit down to sum up what I am thankful for each day, the first things that pop into my mind are PEOPLE.  I could spend 365 days naming folks and explaining why I am grateful for the people God has placed in my lives. Today the “thing” I am most thankful for is […]

19 Days of Thanks (day 3)

I am thankful for my niece who was born 12 years ago today.  She is one awesome kid even though she refuses to give her favorite aunt a hug and kiss.  She tells me she is more of a high fiver but I know deep down, she wants to give me a great big hug […]

19 Days of Thanks (Day 2)

I am thankful for my job.   Yep, I just confessed.   I do indeed love my job.  I am very, very grateful that the Lord has blessed my family with my job.   A few reasons why I am so thankful (if you have kept up with my feelings about this whole going-back-to-work thingy, […]

19 Days of Thanks

I know, I know… 19 is a very random number.  I thought of doing 30 days of thanks way back in October but the husband informed me that I had like 47 days before Thanksgiving.  Of course that idea got put up on the shelf and here it is November 7 already. So…. in the […]

I am extremely thankful that we live so close to our families

I LOVE the fact that we all live so close (except for a super duper Aunt EJ and the husband’s sister’s lovely family).  In this 20 Days of Thanks, I knew I would mention our fabulous fam.  But this year it seems like I am even more thankful for their close proximity AND love.  With […]

I like borrowing the twins

I was greatly disappointed during my first pregnancy when the technician at the sonogram announced that there was only one child.  I had my heart set on having twins.  Five months after giving birth to our bouncing (huge) baby boy, I discovered that I was pregnant again.  I so feared that I was carrying twins.  […]

I am thankful that my students are so thankful

We made a class list of “Things we are Thankful for” today in class.  Here is the list: Jesus my pets my dogs my teacher ( I paid him well) our country that Emma won the writing contest my parents our school my church my toys the President (yes, I had to stop a potentially […]