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I should have been working….

I have discovered that spending a couple hours in my classroom every weekend tends to ease my Monday morning jitters and “I don’t want to go to work” blues.  I had PLENTY of time to go up and REALLY work in my room this weekend due to having Good Friday free!   And I certainly […]

My fun little blessings

Amazing what a positive attitude can do for you!   And a little time with the Lord.   Now if I can add in some more sleep, I think all will be almost back to normal.   Or not.   Things are definitely not normal around here.  That doesn’t mean it is bad,  just not […]

Just a few things…

that make this man happy. a warm chocolate chip pound cake, lounging in his crazy jammie pants and new slippers (I told him wearing slippers seem oldish), reading the paper, and playing Farkle with the wife. I love pleasing this man, especially when it involves chocolate and games.  And if you knew our Love Story, […]

5 Minute Marvels (Episode 6)

It has been ages since I shared a five minute marvel.  To be honest, I have not been so diligent in seeking and/or focusing on those special moments I have with my family.  As I was making baked oatmeal a few minutes ago (for the morning), I started to think that I needed to make […]

5 Minute (30 Minute) Marvel – Episode 5

Much to my surprise (and to those who know me well) I have been plopped on the couch with the husband for the past 30 minutes.  I was just visiting my new sports fan land for a few minutes (maybe like 5) but somehow it turned into longer.  Much longer.  And what was I doing?  […]

5 Minute Marvel – Episode 4

It seems that a 5 minute tickling attack cured one little boy of the “I am bored” blues.  That same little tickling fest apparently spoke volumes to him.  It told him he was more important than my silly old blog or writing conference reports.    His giggles told me that my children’s request for just a […]

5 Minute Marvel – Episode 3

This is not going to sound so marvelous at first but bear with me please.  Last night (like the entire weekend) was not going as planned.  I had a lovely Sunday with my family but the problem was that I had TONS of school work to do.  Not to mention the minuscule household tasks.  I […]

5 Minute Marvel – Episode 2

So maybe it was like 5 minutes times 5 but hey, it worked! I am happy to report that we did not float away yesterday.  Pumpkin did, however, suggest we build an ark, and at 10:30 pm last night, when the heavens were still wide open, I was about to fully agree with her.  The […]

5 Minute Marvels – Episode 1

A couple of weeks ago I started reading Owlhaven blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life as a mom to 10.  Yes, TEN.  She certainly has tons to write about and I so enjoy her perspective.  Thanks Mary!  One idea she had recently was 15 Minutes Better.  She records little actions she took throughout […]