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Change is inevitable. Change is part of this human life. Change is good. Change is hard. Change can change a person. Obviously, my theme for this season in my life is CHANGE. So MUCH change! So much stinkin change!!! So much change and I just don’t know exactly what to do with it all. I […]

‘Tis better…

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson This is a quote I have held onto and quoted often since welcoming little man into our hearts and home. I hold him in my arms and listen to his giggles and catch myself wondering how I […]


We have been back on this side of the world for almost a month now. My daily thoughts and activities have naturally had to drastically shift – which makes Africa seem like years ago. Then there is that longing in my heart to hold my baby Mary, sing “Five Little Ducks” with the 12 girls […]


Little Miss amazes me in a variety of ways.  She is athletic, smart, musical, and just FUN!  She rarely lacks energy and is typically willing to accept adventure.  Today we were watching a recording of “The Amazing Race.”  I could read her emotions as she watched the teams compete in daring water adventures.  I asked […]

Spiritual Markers

On Saturday I was blessed to spend THREE hours with a young friend.  Who knew breakfast could take so long? It was greatness. Our conversation jumped all over the place (welcome to my world) but so much of the talk landed under the topic of “Spiritual Markers.” As I sat there aiming to encourage and […]

New Year. New Things

It is indeed a new year and yes indeed there will be new things! The new calendar has been hung with care. I am keenly aware of some new things brewing in my world and obviously oblivious to others. I refuse to make resolutions. I have desires. I have a need for change. I have […]

The Joy Dare

Two summers ago while I celebrated my 40th birthday, my sweet friend sent a birthday gift with my husband to give to me on my big day while we were in Africa for the summer. That big day is a whole other post in itself but we will save it for another day….. My friend, […]

The time has come

This time of year is full. Of course the calendar is jammed packed (I have had to write all over the margins), paperwork has been a bit abundant, the to do list is never ending, and my heart is full. I just reread what I typed to make sure that was what I was truly […]

a thought…..

We have had an AMAZING weekend so far!  We have had MANY MANY people in our home and I have loved every minute of it.  Just in case you didn’t know….I get VERY stressed out VERY easily.  But…..this weekend I have embraced this quote and moved on and enjoyed what has come my way. Neighbors […]

I should have been working….

I have discovered that spending a couple hours in my classroom every weekend tends to ease my Monday morning jitters and “I don’t want to go to work” blues.  I had PLENTY of time to go up and REALLY work in my room this weekend due to having Good Friday free!   And I certainly […]