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Creating a checklist to assist kiddos in being responsible

It has been a while since I joined folks over at Rocks in my Dryer for Works for Me Wednesday.  With mom working part time now and our lives in the midst of major changes, we were beginning to see our daily (and minuscule) activities causing us to take a downward spiral.  Our heads were […]


I was filled with pride and gratefulness when I asked the after-grocery-shopping question yesterday.  “Who wants to help?”  Typically I hear little feet scurrying towards bedrooms but not yesterday.  The kiddos (one was away at a church function) headed to the garage. I heard hints of giggling coming from the laundry room as I was […]

T’was the Day Before School Starts and All Through the House

….you better bet there are creatures stirring about.  Well, really it is this momma who is scurrying about.  Of course there is the sense of mom getting things in order for the kiddos – new lunch boxes labeled, clothes set out, etc, etc.  But this momma (who also returns to school this fall as a first […]

I am so proud of myself

I turned this: Into this: For some of you, anything crafty would be no big deal, but for me, I am rather pleased with myself that I even tried.  These are the two headpieces my girls are wearing as flower girls this Saturday.  The dresses they are wearing are ivory so it was a bit […]

If my daughters were in charge

My children are having their afternoon video time as I enjoy bloggyland.  They actually chose to watch QUBO (the cartoons are very simple and extra corny but they are decent and I don’t have to worry about junk deposting into their brains). We watch VERY little T.V.  The children enjoy videos and an occassional show […]

Trial Run

I finally finished my “test” cake for the tool shower I am hosting this Saturday.  What do you think?  I am definitely up for suggestions. . . that is why I made one to tweak if needed.  This means I demand need you to leave a comment.  Go ahead, don’t be shy! Thanks for your […]

It’s back

Where it belongs. After 62 days out of our care, our beloved Henrietta the Honda has returned from the Honda hospital.  She is safely tucked into the garage.  We are all thrilled to have her back with us.  She was still basically new when the accident occurred but we had stopped calling her the “new […]

Well, looky here. . .

That is all I need to report tonight in the midst of all this dust.  Oh yeah!  I am smiling really big. 

Before and After

 A few of you have been begging for pictures of our new paint.  I finally got around to granting your wish.  Before: After: The living room before: The living room after: My husband and I started laughing at Pancakes for Parents last week when a teacher read If you Give a Pig a Pancake.  If […]

I am NOW completely convinced that pride surely cometh before the fall

Over the past few days I have read about a number of folks in bloggyland struggling with the whole family being sick.  I have caught myself smiling, exclaiming internally how our family somehow escapes the repetitive viruses.  We rarely get sick one after the other and the few times we have, our little viruses last for […]