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From the other side….

Once again, we are on the other side of the world.  The children and I joined Dad here in Zambia exactly two weeks ago from today.  Internet access is very limited so add that excuse to my many other excuses for not blogging…. A few things to note while I am on the internet for […]

a little snooze

I curled up in bed along with Little Miss, the two dogs, and the husband and snoozed this afternoon.  I snoozed in the middle of the day!!!  That never ever happens!!! I snoozed! Granted, it was for five minutes but a snooze is a snooze. The snooze was brief but the cuddling lasted a while. […]

Yesterday my heart was overflowing with gratitude for the moments I have with the ones I love. Opening my thankfulness flood gates felt so refreshing.  Felt so so so so good.  So right!  Like I was created to praise the Creator.  🙂 I was poking around A Holy Experience blog again today and stumbled upon […]


Have you been watching the Olympics? We have enjoyed the freedom of watching bits and pieces as we please thanks to our DVR. A first for me?  Watching curling.  I was fascinated with the shoes.  My son was quite appalled that I resorted to looking up all sorts of things about the sport.  Did I […]

Just a bit of random…

We had early release at school today so the instructional staff could attend STARR Training.  Oh standardized testing how I love thee!  Not really.  I am grateful that I do not teach a testing grade.  I am also grateful for all of the educators who do teach testing grades. The sun came out today. My […]

Top Ten

Top ten things about this week… 1.  My parents’ willingness to watch my children while I get away to scrapbook for three days. 2.  Skyping (well, just instant messaging) my man. 3.  An actual 14 minute conversation with the hubby via Skype yesterday.  14 minutes of hearing his voice!!! 4.  The happy attitudes of my […]

No direction

I lack direction of my writings this year. Know what that means? Randomness!!! I keep finding myself ending the day listing a few gifts in my mind. I guess that is a good thing!  That fact actually thrills me!  Sometimes I am naturally seeking and naming my gifts. JOY! I feel a list coming on, […]

So spiritual

We had a very deep and spiritual community group meeting today… So….maybe not spiritual but definitely building a league, I mean community! So happy to be back with these guys.

I should have been working….

I have discovered that spending a couple hours in my classroom every weekend tends to ease my Monday morning jitters and “I don’t want to go to work” blues.  I had PLENTY of time to go up and REALLY work in my room this weekend due to having Good Friday free!   And I certainly […]

The good….

My previous post was about my feelings. Not always good but it is what I got. But here are a few snapshots of the good here at the Knightly Manor since Christmas…. Mr. Knight!  On December 28, we celebrated 15 years of marriage.  Being his wife is DEFINITELY a JOY in my life.  It is […]