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again!   I forgot one teeny weeny little countdown on top of our countdown to Zambia.   13 days remaining is this school year!  Well, if you are strictly referring to MY school year, make that TWELVE days!  I am taking a personal day tomorrow to do, well, personal things.   The husband and I […]

That darn copier

I teach first grade so I never know what will come out of the mouths of my babes.  I have one particular little guy who is beyond smart but very adamant against anything to do with writing and spelling .  He can read and understand ANYTHING.  You should have heard him explain to my class last […]

10 Days

As we were leaving school this afternoon, I happily exclaimed to the van full of kiddos, “No school for a week!”  I yelled just as loud as the kids.  My son then announced that there were actually ten days until we have to be “back at that place.”  My smile got bigger.  After the day […]

The sweetest little Valentine

I woke up GRUMPY this morning and remembering that it was a party day did not assist in making those grumps disappear.  Took me a while to even enter my classroom when I first arrived at school.  The other teachers laughed at me saying there must be a mouse in there.  No, just 18 excited […]

I would like you to feel sorry for me

But don’t.  Most of the country is off from their respective work places/school tomorrow for MLK day but I, along with our three little darlings, have the privilege of expanding our minds in what we call a typical school day.  Why should you not feel sorry for me?  I had last Friday off.  And the […]

I am thankful that my students are so thankful

We made a class list of “Things we are Thankful for” today in class.  Here is the list: Jesus my pets my dogs my teacher ( I paid him well) our country that Emma won the writing contest my parents our school my church my toys the President (yes, I had to stop a potentially […]

Wacky Wednesday (on steroids)

I have had some wacky days in my teaching days.  I have even had designated Wacky Wednesdays.  But when you combine a planned wacky day with “just one of those crazy days” you get chaos.  Not that chaos is foreign to the first grade.  But believe me, this morning brought on craziness.   I think it […]

From the mouths of the monkeys

My 18 little monkeys sure have been monkeying around a lot lately.  I haven’t shared much about teaching this year so after two funnies today, I thought it was time. During lunch (that I had to stay and be the enforcer since yesterday was an out of control day), one of the high school teachers was […]

Guess who came to my (pity) party? (And told me to STOP IT!)

I have had a very challenging week, esp. at school.  I am not at liberty to discuss it all and basically, it just doesn’t matter.  Because of the challenges, I have lost much needed sleep to keep up with my 180 mph pace I have going.  Last night I was able to receive peace about […]

My day

I woke up this morning surprised that it was already Tuesday.  It was a nice feeling to have Monday past us, esp. since school was not a part of that day this week.  As I opened my eyes, my mind started going down the list of things I had to do for the day.  I […]