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I forgot to mention one tiny detail

In the midst of preparing for our departure, actually flying across the world for our adventure, and now desperately  longing to be back in Zambia, I seem to have forgotten to mention a little change in our lives.  I do believe I hinted at big news but never did spill the beans.   There were […]


We sent out our prayer cards this week with our blog address plastered on it so I do hope to see a few new faces (i.e. comments) around here now.  For those newbies, this blog has served as a fun way for me to journal my life as mom, teacher, wife, and all the other […]

Well, looky here…I have a blog

I guess I forgot about this little thing I was once addicted to.  Have I mentioned a new love?  Well, I actually have two loves.  George and Facebook.   Wanna know what is going on?   April 3rd was the dear husband’s 35th b-day.  That sorta slipped right through the busy days.  Not really.  I […]


I have seen my fair share of addresses for a lifetime this week!  As you know, the husband and I are entering the world of full time ministry.  A very big piece of our ministry tapestry is raising our own support.  I have been rather candid and shared that this little idea of asking folks […]

I am trying it one more time

Remember this post?  Well, I did not get past chapter two back in December.  Why?  I started squirming in my seat.  (And the husband snatched it up and read it.)  But it has been sitting on my bedside table yelling out to be read.  By me. I had a strong urge to read it again […]

There is something about this man that makes me do just about anything

                                   And I mean ANYTHING.  We are embarking on a whole new journey of  not just saying we trust in God for providing for us but ACTING upon it.  Anyways, who needs a salary when you have a man such as this? Oh yeah!  We do have a few little mouths to feed.  And the bunny.


I am FINALLY excited.  I know it sounds weird but getting excited about the husband’s new “job” has not been automatic.  But what FINALLY did it?  The other evening the two of us had some time alone to chat after the kids were snoozing.  Once again, like EVERY other day since January 5, I asked […]


vb- “to suppose, think; to look forward to: ANTICIPATE” I was contemplating all that has unfolded over the past few days.  The word to describe me in all of it is numb.  And why on earth am I numb?  Numb to some great things.  Still numb. It struck me that it all had to do […]

An Answer

The answer to moving to North Carolina is a NO.  So we move forward. My follow up mammogram is scheduled for Friday.  Honestly, I am sick over it.   Combine that with disappointment about the husband not getting the job he wanted and you got a mess of a gal.  That is that.  I will refrain […]


That little question mark  just about sums it up.  Yes, we are still waiting to hear about the one job opportunity.  And if that is not disturbing enough, I received a call today informing me that my mammogram came back with a few iffy things.  This did not settle too well with me.  I would […]