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I love games.  Just not ones that require a lot of thought, especially after a long day of teaching.  But being the good mom -the mom who is determined NOT to let stress get the best of her during this crazy week-I told the Lad to choose a game.  He chose Scrabble. His words? narc, drone, […]


I was filled with pride and gratefulness when I asked the after-grocery-shopping question yesterday.  “Who wants to help?”  Typically I hear little feet scurrying towards bedrooms but not yesterday.  The kiddos (one was away at a church function) headed to the garage. I heard hints of giggling coming from the laundry room as I was […]

How do I know it is truly football season?

  Sunday afternoon and boy and dad on couch.  This is bonding at its finest. Now if those Cowboys will keep on winning.  Too bad that game comes on so late tonight.  The Lad is greatly disappointed.

Hope you weren’t looking to be enlightened

Cuz all I got is an empty brain.  Fried! Exhausted. The only thing to share is that my son is convinced he is my favorite child.  He approached me with this revelation last week.  Perplexed, I asked him how in the world he came to that conclusion. His response? “Well, you love daddy the most, right?  […]

Happy Birthday to our handsome young squire

Oh how I want to kiss those squishy cheeks again.  The following excerpt from my Expectant Journal was actually written by the husband (aka the proud new daddy) .  July 30, 1998 You are finally here!!!! As I write this you are lying just a few feet away in your hospital “bassinet.”  You are lying on […]

From my “Expectant Mother’s Journal” dated July 29, 1998

” . . . Mommy has had several times of “false labor” over the past couple of days.  Last night I did not sleep at all because a contraction would pop up every 10 to 15 minutes.  Needless to say my rest time was greatly disturbed.  I ended up in the recliner about 4am so I […]

18 Showers later

In the spirit of us being sick all summer, my son decided to break our 14 day fast from illness and come down with a stomach bug.  At one point today he started to panic and wonder if he might have salmonella.  He asked me over and over if he would die.  Poor thing.  He […]

More pics from the Fourth – a few days late

Oh mylanta!  Would you looky here.  A sweet picture of the oldest and youngest child here at the Knightly Manor.  These two monkeys actually seemed to want a picture taken together.  Of course Little Miss is always up for a photo shoot – but not The Lad.  He runs the other way when he sees […]

I love it when my boy gets tickled

And also shows some compassion to others, especially to one of his baby twin cousins. This picture makes my heart smile.  What you do not see is the second before I snapped this shot, the babe was sucking on the Lad’s cheek and had fingers up his nose.  These actions sent all of us into hysterics.  My boy is […]

The Lad is off to camp

Today was a first for me.  I sent my oldest child off to a five day sleepaway camp. It really hasn’t phased me one bit besides thinking, “OOOH.  What fun the girls and I will have all week.”  Last night as I tucked the pre-camper into bed, I realized that nobody will be giving him […]