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M is for marriage

M is for marriage.  I am soooooooooooooo thankful for the marriage that I have invested in.  I do believe the husband and I have a strong relationship but my man is truly the backbone in our marriage.  The good news is that he depends completely on our Lord!    He encourages me, loves me, strengthens me, […]

L is for List

L is for Lists. There are a lot of lists going around the Knightly Manor lately.  Apparently writing a blog post was NOT on a list.  Actually, we have crossed off a BIG chunk the past few days with getting the husband ready to leave for Zambia.  He is now on his merry way and […]

K is for Knightly Chats

I started this little blog thingy over 3 years ago. I named it Knightly Chats as a play off our last name. Blogging has been a fun part of my life.  I remember mentioning in my first post that I had a fear that I would lack things to write about.  A week later I […]

J is for juggler

J is for juggler.  Yep, I married a juggler.  And what fun he can be!  I will never forget the first time we went to the Safeway up in Germantown, Maryland (8 days after our wedding).  I was trying to figure out my new surroundings and be wise in my first newlywed purchases.  The husband? […]

I is for ice cream

I is for ice cream.  Love the stuff!  In fact, I am consuming some as I type.  UUUGH!  A weakness I have. I is for  IEP.  This little acronym (Individualized Education Plan) is a pretty big part of my job.  It is what drives my instruction for my wee ones with special needs.  Although I […]

G is for go

 G is for go.  I go all the time.  Something is always keeping me busy.  If I am home, I am doing something . And if for some odd reason I am really not “going,”  my mind is going.  I would like to say I am productive but I tend to waste a lot of […]

F is for family

F is for family. I loved being a part of a tight family growing up.  I married into a tight family.  My desire is to create a tight family, a family who praises and serves the Lord. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”    Joshua 24:15 F is for fruit.  […]

E is for energy

…or the lack thereof. Actually, e is for energy.  Most folks who know me will most likely use that word in describing me.  I have always been a ball of fire (and I wonder where our youngest gets it  from??).  I always fill my plate more than full and have a hard time sitting still.  […]

D is for Dad

D is for Daddy.  I love my Dad!  And I know he loves me.  He sure was strict on me growing up but he has softened quite a bit since becoming Papa. D is for Dare. I am always up for one!  How do you think I started dating the husband? D is for Dizzy.  […]

C is for Cynthia

Cynthia is my name. It means “bearer of light.”  My mother lovingly refers to me as her Sunshine.  The only qualm I have with my name is that I am not named after anyone in particular.  For some reason that fact bothered me as a child.  Even my middle name was given “just because.” But […]