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I had 7 insightful thoughts…..

during church of course.  But now that I have plopped down to write, I have NOTHING. I do have a thousand tidbits floating around in my brain. I would be happy to share. A few happy moments have been found around here at the new Knightly manor this weekend.  I am pleased to report that […]

I forgot I had a blog – but I still have things to say (as always)

I am so enjoying my long weekend that my blog did not even cross my mind.  If you know me in person, you would probably want to throw tomatoes at me.  I have been told that I use the phrase, “You know, I wrote about that on my blog” a lot. It is a lifestyle. […]

201 Posts

 Wow!  I am in awe that I have posted 200 (now 201) posts.  Instead of writing a post to make you yawn, I made an executive decision to share a photo of our Pumpkin at the school’s Daddy/Daughter Party tonight.  Isn’t she a cute way to celebrate just about anything?  And her daddy’s not too bad […]

Totally Useless (spiritual) Trivia

As a family we have found that the supper table is the best place to have our family devotions.  We have been extremely faithful the past 6 months and have finished an entire devotional book.  We had to buy our current book (Did You Know? Devotions for Kids by Nancy S. Hill) a few days after Christmas. […]

If I write it, it will be bad

In the spirit of not writing a bad gripy post, I will just fill you in on a few little thoughts.  It was a poopy day so I will resist the urge to be gripy. *Happy to be riding in my car!  I am sad to report that it is not quite right.  Not sure […]

Tidbits of what is going on

My van.  My poor pitiful van.  It has been in the body shop for over 45 days now.  The last total cost I heard was close to $12,000.  I often start fretting about the quality of my van but catch myself saying that until I get my hands on it, I just won’t know.  So, […]

Where all the blogginess happens

I am joining Musings of a Housewife and showing you my desktop.  Nothing special.  I would love to ditch this desk but am holding out until we are able to move to another house.  I have high hopes of having an office.  This computer in the bedroom business is not my preference but we have […]

8 things you do not know about me

As a result from clicking on Jennifer’s name on Boomama’s comment list, I was tagged.  Wouldn’t you know?  The first time to visit a blog and I get tagged.  So, dear Jennifer, I have no clue who you are but because I am obedient and play by the rules (not really), I will participate in […]

FUN classical music for children

Thanks to my friend, Sarah, I have just ordered way too many CDs for me my children and students.  My students especially enjoy classical music.  I am so proud of how they can distinguish between a few major composers.  Now I am ready to expand their interest and knowledge.  I want them to learn the […]