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Time change and the Lord

We were eating supper at my folks’ house Sunday night.  I started to hurry along the kiddos saying that we needed to scoot and get home to bed because we lost an hour the night before (due to Daylight Savings).  Little Miss looked up from her plate and casually asked, “Well, what happened to it?” […]

Suspicious Spanish

I haven’t joined in over at Not Before 7 for a while so I thought it was time. A few mornings ago we allowed Little Miss (age 6) to join us for an early morning snuggling.  She was in a rather chipper mood.  And very chatty.  I recall about 18 topics flying around our little […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday #8

I chose this over working out this afternoon……..                                         My toe was throbbing after teaching today so instead of running 4 miles, I decided to spend some one-on-one time with my 3 year old niece.  I adore this gal!  The fun thing is the feeling is mutual.  She talked a mile a minute.  We started […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday #7

Tonight at supper, Little Miss started to go into great detail about her digestive system.  She was doing a pretty good job explaining the process but we were a bit confused when she kept repeating that “I have insects that help me get the food down.”  I am pretty sure she was referring to her […]

The Big Fan

   My 10 year old is a BIG Dallas Cowboys fan.  This adoration was only recently acquired.  While we are not addicts to the sport nor to the ‘Boys, we take pride in our hometown’s team (we especially had fun being Cowboys fans when we lived in Redskin country).  So last year when the Lad […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday (#5)

This morning as Little Miss was getting ready for her second day of Kindergarten, she looked up at me and said, “I’m just not handling this too well.”  Off she went with her pillow and blanket in the car.  Evidently, this new early to bed, early to rise schedule is not settling too well with […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday #4

The husband pulled out our passports last night to complete some paperwork for our upcoming trip to Guatemala.  Before he could finish the tasks, we had to put the kiddos to bed.  In the process, Little Miss came into our room and spotted the blue “books” sitting on the computer desk.  She opened mine and said,  “Oh […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday (#3)

My story for today happened a year or so ago but it is too cute not to share. One Sunday my folks, my three kids, and I were planning on heading out to the time share a few hours after church.  My mom offered to keep Little Miss during the second worship service so I […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday

                                                       A few nights ago, much to my son’s delight, I served baked potatoes with our main chicken dish.  Little Miss (5) came to the table, looked at the food before her and announced, “I don’t like that!  I take mine sweet.  I do not like unsweet potatoes.”  I guess she is as […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday

My almost three year old niece, Sarah, came home with us last night after celebrating Nana’s birthday.  She was thrilled to ride in her Aunt’s car and spend the night with the big cousins.  And of course we were tickled to have her.  This morning while I was cleaning up the breakfast mess, all three girls […]