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Half way

Well, my sweet son pointed out to me tonight that we are half way there.  “Keep smiling, mom, we have almost made it,” he said.  Of course that excites me but I have kinda been numb to the whole thing. I have plenty to share but I am very very very tired so I am […]

My fun little blessings

Amazing what a positive attitude can do for you!   And a little time with the Lord.   Now if I can add in some more sleep, I think all will be almost back to normal.   Or not.   Things are definitely not normal around here.  That doesn’t mean it is bad,  just not […]

Our Fourth of July

My heart might have been left in Zambia, but I am certainly proud to be an American! Here we are at the Park Cities Fourth of July parade.  I know it is a terrible picture of Little Miss (she looks as if she is in great misery) but I thought it was so cute of […]

Spirits are up

 Wish I could say a job was up but for now, I will have to only go for the happy spirit.  The mammogram came back fine and dandy.  As I was leaving the radiology department, I looked at my husband and said, “Health has a whole other significance than not having a job.”  He hugged […]

An Answer

The answer to moving to North Carolina is a NO.  So we move forward. My follow up mammogram is scheduled for Friday.  Honestly, I am sick over it.   Combine that with disappointment about the husband not getting the job he wanted and you got a mess of a gal.  That is that.  I will refrain […]


That little question mark  just about sums it up.  Yes, we are still waiting to hear about the one job opportunity.  And if that is not disturbing enough, I received a call today informing me that my mammogram came back with a few iffy things.  This did not settle too well with me.  I would […]

Bloggyland goodiness

I never imagined all the goodiness that would come from blogging.  It has been over 16 months since I first posted and I shall say that it has been a magnificent experience.  In the beginning of my blogging days, I explored numerous blogs, searching for whatever-really, I had no idea.  Recently, my lurking days have […]

Manna from heaven

You know, God has a funny way of working – or at least according to my fleshy ways, His ways can be weird.  Even sneaky.  🙂  But it is sure fun to see His plan unfold (after the fact).  My point?  I have one.  I think. My first grade class has been learning about the […]

I need a good laugh

Today has been a rough one.  No, actually it has been a rough week.  Well, come to think of it, my summer has not gone as planned and has been a bit on the rocky side.   I could keep blabbing but I will get back to my point.   I do hope I have one.  I […]

Oh, I can most certainly change my ways

Medicine is not my friend.  Well, not until yesterday.  If you know me at all, you are aware that I am the last to ask for any sort of drug for any symptom (well, Advil has become more of an acquaintance lately).  I did not have a drop of pain meds or induction drugs with any […]