I am still here. Well, sort of

I am still here – not really in bloggyland and not really here, as in home but am here.  As in alive and wanting to blog. 

I do believe those are the most improper sentences written in bloggysphere tonight.  I do apologize. 

I originally sat down at my dad’s computer to post pictures of the most wonderful man in the entire universe with the two most beautiful little girls but discovered that neither my dad’s desktop NOR his laptop computer has a drive for our memory card.  UUGH!  Please hang on (all 3 of you who are anxiously waiting) and I will go back to our house and fetch our cable to download photos. 

Now would be one of those times I would be able to justify having a laptop.  I have a hankering for one.   Have I mentioned that to you before?  Tonight at Barnes and Noble, I saw about thirty hundred something laptops sitting on little tables next to stacks of books and cups of coffee.  Envy would be the word to describe the moment.  The next word that came to mind was REALITY. Reality is that the whole reason I am having bloggy woes is that we are having our floors redone.  Do you feel sorry for me now?  And we are staying (for free) at the Griff Inn – also known as Nana and Papa’s house.  Pity me, please.

So the point to this post was to – well, I just don’t know.  It seems as if I was having withdrawals from bloggyland and just needed to jot a few things down via my fingers on the keyboard. 

A few thoughts.

The husband took the girls to our city’s Daddy/Daughter dance.  It was a big shindig.  As we were waiting for Daddy’s return from work, I told them Daddy was bringing home a surprise.  Pumpkin got a huge grin on her face and yelled, “A limousine.  Daddy is taking us in a limousine!  Wow!  He is spending $35 on us!!!”  If you know where she ever got the idea that she was being escorted to the dance in a limo, please let me know.  I would also like to know where on earth she got the number 35 stuck in her head.  If she can indeed find one for that price that runs and comes with an unshady driver, then sign her up.  They had a grand time and I took some sweet shots before their departure.   I will post them as soon as I get some order back into my life. 

The surprise for the girls?  Sweet little corsages that our friend, Miss Helen, made just for the girls.  I totally forgot to order something for the girls before today so I called our beloved florist this morning and was prepared to beg.  That sweet woman said that it was not too late for her babies to have special corsages and ended up creating lovely little arrangements.  This was a first for our girls.  Miss Helen even gave the girls Valentine Webkins at the dance. “For free!  For free, Momma, for free.”  I love that woman.  Evidently that kind act meant more to them than the $35 we spent on the flowers that now lay wilting on our car’s console.    

We are staying at my folks’ house for the weekend while the floor guys work their magic. We are so thankful we can leave the house and have a freenice place to temporarily dwell.

No, the surveys are not complete.  We are VERY close but when I told my principal how tired we were from staying up late doing those silly things, she replied, “I am in no hurry.  Whenever you get them done is fine with me.”  I do believe we had a little communication issue.  I was under the impression they needed to be done before our annual parents’ meeting next week.  Oh well! 

This has been a rough week for us.  Not to go into details but lots of little things piled up on lots of other little things combined with little sleep because of you-know-what and we have felt a little overwhelmed.  Some things were totally out of our control and other issues we created for ourselves (like deciding that this week would be the proper time to tear up all the flooring in our house).  The Lord has, however, gently reminded me that in the grand scheme of things, we are BLESSED and even a bit spoiled.  It has been a humbling week. 

A new week is soon to begin and that makes me happy.  Sometimes I think the author of Lamentations meant to say the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every week…..”  We seem to have a flood, then a beautiful reminding rainbow.  I love my God.  I love how He works even when I am drowning. 

His mercies are even better this week because I am off on Monday.  YIPPPPPPPPPPPEEE!  So maybe this was a good time to have the floors done.  They should be done by Sunday so I have an extra day to get organized and resettled. 

Pumpkin got her cast off today.  I have photos from that event as well but – you know. 

The Lad and I had a little evening out at Barnes and Noble.  He told me it was a date so I was confused standing there at the Starbucks counter when he refused to pay for his dessert and my coffee.  Papa joined us (my book fetish trickled down from that part of the gene pool). 

Little Miss is patiently waiting for me to kiss her goodnight and help her get comfy.  Bedtime routines don’t seem to go as well at Nana and Papa’s house. 

But I am getting new floors.  I am off on Monday.  I will have new floors.  I don’t have to go to school on Monday (sing-song tone). 

Do you need to know anything else?

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