Monthly Archives: May 2010

the orchard

So I basically did NOTHING today to prepare for my departure in 7 days!!  I played.  My children and I enjoyed our family.  Started out with Nana and our two girl cousins over for breakfast.  We then piled all the kids in the burb and headed to our local orchard.  I wasn’t too sure how […]

We’ve got the power!

We’ve got the power! Electrical power, that is, at the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life Children’s Village is a community for orphans and vulnerable children built by Family Legacy just outside of the capital city of Lusaka, Zambia.  The Tree of Life opened last summer and currently has 4 homes with approximately 60 […]

On this side…

I still have trouble comprehending that even though my husband and I are one,  it seems as if we are living two very separate lives right now.  He is literally half way around the world going to bed as I have carpool duty, waking up as I finally drift off to sleep for (my) night, […]

Half way

Well, my sweet son pointed out to me tonight that we are half way there.  “Keep smiling, mom, we have almost made it,” he said.  Of course that excites me but I have kinda been numb to the whole thing. I have plenty to share but I am very very very tired so I am […]

Simon (Part 2)

To understand the significance of my encounter with Simon (see yesterday’s blog post), you must first understand the nature of the education system in Zambia. There are three types of schools in Zambia: 1) Private schools (which provide a quality education but are prohibitively expensive for most families) 2) Government schools (which are free through […]


First of all I am sure you will be happy to know that I (the husband) made it safely to Zambia, Africa, six days ago.  In the midst of a British Airways strike and a cloud of volcanic ash (which closed London Heathrow airport the day after we went through it), we arrived in Lusaka […]

My fun little blessings

Amazing what a positive attitude can do for you!   And a little time with the Lord.   Now if I can add in some more sleep, I think all will be almost back to normal.   Or not.   Things are definitely not normal around here.  That doesn’t mean it is bad,  just not […]

Change of Focus

Well, the husband is indeed in Zambia.  We are all so thankful for safe travels, arrival of all his baggage, and a bit of rest on the other side of the pond. I wasn’t going to mention how challenging the past few days have been but I wanted to share my change of focus, or […]

In the air

Well, at least I am pretty certain the husband is on the plane heading to jolly ole’ England.  If he actually boards the plane in London to head down to Zambie, then that will be his doings.  And I will be so relieved. He will arrive in London around 2am our time. Forgot what happened […]


Has it already been 16 months since my husband started us all on our mission adventure?   Seems like just last month I was sitting on my couch chatting with Greer and Susan (the founders of our ministry) sharing my fear of support raising.  I wasn’t convinced. I was fearful of what the future would […]