Monthly Archives: September 2008

A little bit of fun going on around here

Here are a few photos giving a glimpse into our lives this past week.  In the midst of uncertain times, the Lord truly has done great things for us and we are filled to the TOP WITH JOY! My girls are such romanticists! They love taking candlelight baths.  Why not? Peanut Butter Chocolate pizza!  Last […]


I was filled with pride and gratefulness when I asked the after-grocery-shopping question yesterday.  “Who wants to help?”  Typically I hear little feet scurrying towards bedrooms but not yesterday.  The kiddos (one was away at a church function) headed to the garage. I heard hints of giggling coming from the laundry room as I was […]

Holding on and letting go

Although I have not been too quick to admit it, I have struggled with being of this world.  I have always considered myself fairly simple and frugal.  Lately, however I don’t feel like I am either one.  My life is not simple and therefore I can’t seem to be frugal.  That frustrates me.  In the […]

I have been meaning to take a picture of the twinkies

Little Miss received the American Girl Doll Julie for her birthday a few weeks ago.  Last week matching jammies arrived in the mail.  Thanks Gran and Grandaddy!  She loves going to bed looking like Julie. 

From the mouths of the monkeys

My 18 little monkeys sure have been monkeying around a lot lately.  I haven’t shared much about teaching this year so after two funnies today, I thought it was time. During lunch (that I had to stay and be the enforcer since yesterday was an out of control day), one of the high school teachers was […]

Manna from heaven

You know, God has a funny way of working – or at least according to my fleshy ways, His ways can be weird.  Even sneaky.  🙂  But it is sure fun to see His plan unfold (after the fact).  My point?  I have one.  I think. My first grade class has been learning about the […]

How do I know it is truly football season?

  Sunday afternoon and boy and dad on couch.  This is bonding at its finest. Now if those Cowboys will keep on winning.  Too bad that game comes on so late tonight.  The Lad is greatly disappointed.

I am back from my bloggy sabbatical

You didn’t even know I took a sabbatical, did you?  Neither did I.  I have kept saying, “I don’t need to post tonight because I posted just yesterday.”  Well, apparently I had 5 yesterdays this week.  Even if I did somehow realize that I hadn’t posted in DAYS, my time has been limited and my […]

The Big Fan

   My 10 year old is a BIG Dallas Cowboys fan.  This adoration was only recently acquired.  While we are not addicts to the sport nor to the ‘Boys, we take pride in our hometown’s team (we especially had fun being Cowboys fans when we lived in Redskin country).  So last year when the Lad […]

5 Minute Marvels (Episode 6)

It has been ages since I shared a five minute marvel.  To be honest, I have not been so diligent in seeking and/or focusing on those special moments I have with my family.  As I was making baked oatmeal a few minutes ago (for the morning), I started to think that I needed to make […]