Monthly Archives: October 2007

Because the chicken costume is evidently a tradition

Four years ago I bought a chicken costume.  On sale.  For almost nothing.  I was preparing ahead for the children to have a barnyard costume to wear in their school’s Christmas play.  The lad’s first year at school, he was a lamb.  Well, sort of.  He was a molting little lamb.  I searched everywhere for a […]

Events of the day

1.  Breakfast at Chick-fil-a at an ungodly hour… 2.  The privilege of having Miss Viola Swamp as her substitute teacher… 3.  Nana, Papa, and Little Miss coming out to have lunch at the little grill next door (the school and Jack’s store is all that is in this wee little country town)… 4.  Our church’s […]

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pumpkin

Our sweet girl!  Can you believe I convinced myself that I never wanted a daughter?  That was before you.    You are a melody in my song.  You are the movement in my dance.  You are the joy in my laughter.  You are a beauty in my life.  I love you and am so happy to call […]

The Big Day

I am so sure you are agonizing over the unfinished story. There is a very big possibility that you do not care.  Too bad.  I am bound and determined to finish what I started even if I should truly be doing something else.  Like maybe making cupcakes for Pumpkin’s class tomorrow. So…I left ya hangin’ at 10 […]

I was such a fashion statement this time 8 years ago…

October 30, 1999- About 24 hours before delivering our sweet Pumpkin.  I do believe that maternity clothes have changed for the better since then.  Thank heavens.  Not that I have any use for them anymore.  Absolutelynotthankyouverymuch!  Notice how huge our newly turned one year old was?  Do you also notice he wanted nothing to do […]

Couldn’t help but jump the gun and show you what my story is leading up to…

 Pumpkin – November 1999 Here she is.  A few days old.  Precious little thing.  I need to scan more pics of the big day but husband is not home and I am clueless.  This is just one of the few digital photos we have of Pumpkin in her early days.    I was digging thru my old photo […]

Wednesday is the BIG day

While most of the world gets ready to celebrate this Wednesday, we will be getting ready too.  We just don’t celebrate the same thing as the rest of America does.  Some choose to celebrate Halloween.  Some do not.  We are not for trick or treating and all the scary stuff.  We do, however, celebrate with […]

I’m watching more T.V. this weekend than I have in a whole year!

You all know that the husband and I watch tons of T.V.  We really don’t.  Nothing ever for our enjoyment except for a football game occasionally or even a movie once every three months. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I was reminded today that I MUST watch 6 hours of television. Oh the […]

Oh yes, please feel free to nominate us for parents of the year

We do our best to keep our children safe.  Well, if you consider the storm drain safe and appropriate, then sign us up for parents of the year.  Who needs a McDonald’s playground when you have the city sewer in your very own front yard?  And I am pretty certain that there are more germs living on […]

Hot off the printing press

Last month I wrote a post about my interview with a 5th grader for the new teacher section of our very professional school newpaper.  Five weeks later, the newsbreaking story of “getting to know Mrs. K” is out, hot off the press. I thought you would appreciate the writing talent of a young’n at my school.  […]