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Zambian Style

I am experiencing food, living conditions, and transportation in full Zambian style!  This morning we had a Zambian pastor who led us in worship in MAJOR Zambian style.  Oh my word!  Or shall I say Oh my Lord, you ROCK!  I have NEVER experienced anything like it.  I must confess that “screaming” pastors and praise […]

So much to tell

Soooooooo much to tell but so little time.  I don’t even know where to start.   Maybe I will start from the beginning.  Our trip here was long but went very well.  The children endured the journey with amazing attitudes and stamina.  Little Miss did have a bit of a meltdown in the immigration line […]

The Zambian Cabinetmaker

The Zambian Cabinetmaker . . . is yours truly. Yes, this is how I have spent the bulk of my day today.  Putting together three of these. These will be used at the villa (the house that we use as camp headquarters) or at one of our other ministry locations.  It will be used for […]

Container Day in Zambia!

Today was container day!  We unloaded two 40′ containers full of supplies for Camp LIFE along with items for our Zambian staff to use throughout the year.  While loading in America involves a warehouse and a forklift, UNLOADING in ZAMBIA involves a car park and some “hand tools” (i.e., our hands).  Fortunately twenty of our […]

Day Three: The Tree of Life Children’s Village (With A View from the Hilltop)

The highlight of this weekend in Zambia was a trip to the Tree of Life Children’s Village on Saturday.  I told you in my last post that I would share some prayer requests with you. Our most important prayer request right now is that we would be able to finish four of the seven homes […]

On this side of the world

You have heard from the husband more this week than you have from me.  It is weird reading what he is writing because, well, I am not a part of it.  YET.  Here I sit half way across the world living OUR lives but without him for the time being.  The whole time difference thing […]

Day Two in Zambia: A Ministry Overview

Yesterday was a very eye-opening day in Zambia as I had the opportunity to travel around Lusaka with our executive director and see firsthand three important aspects of our ministry: 1) The Car Park Family Legacy Missions International owns four acres of land near a middle-class community in Lusaka that serve as a parking lot […]


A note from the husband: I am in Zambia!  I made it in just fine at 6:00am this morning.  After getting through customs and briefly waiting for my luggage, I met Greer who was waiting for me and we drove to the Mullungushi Housing Village.  Mullungushi was built in the 1950s for the Queen of […]

Hello from the husband from . . . London . . .

Yes, that is correct . . . London. If you know something of the timeframe of my journey you are probably checking the timestamp on this post and doing some quick time-zone math because something is telling you that I shouldn’t be in London right now. You’re right. I’ll tell you the story. This post […]

He is off…

After seeing this load in the back of our van, I am wondering how on earth we will get our TWELVE bags to the airport.  And who will lift those 50lb. bags into the appointed vehicle?   Wow ! I am already missing my man! The sweet husband is on his first leg of his journey […]