Monthly Archives: January 2010

A purpose

My teaching job is a calling but it is also labeled a “job” for obvious reasons.  It provides insurance, pays the bills, puts our kids in a good school district, etc. in return for me to carry out tasks that I have accepted and agreed to complete.  As everyone fully knows, a job can simply […]

12 so far

12 boxes are packed, inventoried, labeled, and ready to be loaded on one of four ocean containers heading to Africa.   Notice I said 12 so far.  Not done yet.  Almost but not yet. Most of the items in the 12 boxes are personal items our family will need during our 2 month stay in […]

The porch

I love the image of the good ole southern porch.  My Nanny happened to be the owner and resident of one such porch.  I have millions of memories from my trillions and trillions of miles swinging back and forth on her black porch swing in Mississippi.  Nanny’s porch was never extravagant for she was the […]

So behind

I am obviously waaaaaaaay behind on my blogging.  So much for keeping up with it in the new year.   That is okay.  I made a few other pacts with myself and have been putting more effort into those than blogging (obviously).   Where, oh where do I begin?   Let us start here:  New […]

13 things

Happy New Year! The husband and I had an ABSOLUTELY incredible time alone on our anniversary.  I do believe that we were in desperate need of quiet time sans kiddos.  We experienced an amazing meal at Old Hickory (at the Gaylord Texan) and shared in sweet conversation.  I can’t recall a time when our conversation […]