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Creating a checklist to assist kiddos in being responsible

It has been a while since I joined folks over at Rocks in my Dryer for Works for Me Wednesday.  With mom working part time now and our lives in the midst of major changes, we were beginning to see our daily (and minuscule) activities causing us to take a downward spiral.  Our heads were […]

Lunch time blues

I have a little high falutin picky gal who we refer to as Pumpkin and who happens to be my pickiest eater.  And when I say picky, I don’t mean particular, I mean she EATS NOTHING.  This has always bothered me, even when she refused any sort of stuff that resembled baby food at age […]

Free Food Definitely Works For Me!

Want some free chicken?  Head on over to Chick-fil-a in your area this Friday, July 11 and get yourself some free vittles.  The catch?  You need to dress like a cow.  It can be simple for an entree or a little more detailed for a combo meal.  Check it out here for more details. Eat […]

Keeping those kiddos writing during the summer

I was pondering a few days ago about having anything to share again for Works-For-Me Wednesday.  It occured to me that during the summer I find that I am very unstructured and can’t claim to have a lot that works for me.  Until I glanced over at the kiddos busy on what works for me.    […]

Mullein Leaf for persistent coughs

I am playing naturalist for the day.  I do not like to take medicine and I rarely force anything down my kids’ throats.  Just never know what it is I am giving them.  And truly, when they were infants, nothing really seemed to work except for fever reducers.  But there is ONE thing that I […]

Help for ponytail holders

Well, Spring Break is around the corner and I am in the mood to get myself organized.  I plan on spending a day cleaning up things around my classroom but I also have high hopes of getting my house in order.  We were able to organize quite a bit after putting the new floors down […]

Got an itchy head?

The first thought you might have when you read my post title is LICE.  And boy, have I had my fair share of those critters lately.  I somehow became the official lice checker when a nurse is not on campus at school.  We are a private school so we do not have a nurse on […]

May I help you with a problem you probably don’t have?

It is Wednesday and once again, Rocks in My Dryer is hosting WFMW. All I have to contribute this week: How to keep your tissue box from sliding all over your car. I have the privilege of being a mini van momma.  Actually at this very moment I am a proud driver of a rental mini […]