Monthly Archives: October 2010


 I was so excited about posting two days in a row that I rushed to the laptop when I got home and started to blog so that I could continue the trend.  And here we are.  NOTHING.   Absolutely nothing.  Apparently my Tuesday wore me out as normal!  Wednesdays tend to be a downer of […]

A day in the life of yours truly

Somebody recently asked me how on earth I cram everything I do in one day.  My response was that I don’t do near as much as it might seem.  To prove to myself that my days are not too bad, I decided to choose and day and “journal” my activities.   So… is a loose […]

I will just list my blessings (photo style)

I have started about four blog posts lately that involved my intellectual and spiritual sides.  If you know me personally, that statement would be enough for you to see why I did not complete those posts.  🙂   Oh, how the thoughts are mumble-jumbled in my brain.  I keep waiting to grow into all of those thoughts but apparently it ain’t gonna […]

let us talk about me….

 Well, not really.  I kinda dumped my heavy heart in my last post and did not give hardly a detail.  I appreciate the concern you all have for me.  See!?!?!!?!  Sometimes loving others hurt.  The Lord is good indeed even amongst the hurting.  I have followed up on a few of my friends who are […]


Need to write/share something on this blog thingy I have avoided lately.  Unfortunately the only topic that comes to mind tonight is HEAVY.  My heart aches for all the HEAVY stuff weighing so many people down.  Weighing people down that I love!  What is going on?   In a very, very modified format:  Death of […]