Monthly Archives: June 2010

Our Holiday

Here are a few pics from our holiday.  I have lots and lots to tell but our time on the internet in the evening is limited. We had a VERY VERY lovely time.

Our Auntie has arrived!

Can you tell how excited the girls were when they spotted Auntie EJ at the airport? Today we took EJ out to the Tree of Life Children’s Village to meet her sponsored child, Temba.  What a sweet greeting.  Our son picked this little guy out last year and told his Great Aunt that she must […]

A lost photo or two…

Mindy, a fellow staff member’s wife, took pictures of our reunion last week.  I had to share a few.  


I learned something new this week… The word for caterpillar is vinkubala.  And it is a treat to eat here in Zambia. No thank you. The sweet husband decided to give it a try.  More power to him and Josh for being stupid brave.  I was completely unaware of this little event.  Good thing. Lucy, […]

Tree of Life

The name of the Children’s Village (I call it a delux orphanage) is Tree of Life.  I always thought it was a great name but my son put it in such sweet and simple words last week.  He stood up in front of the 91 Americans here and said, “While I was at the Village […]

Home away from home

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of our dwelling place!  Tuesday is pizza night so I get a break from the kitchen.  The two oldest kiddos cuddled up in bed with me after breakfast and watched a movie on the laptop.  We all feel revived now.  Little Miss joined Daddy at camp. […]

In Africa!!!

We made it!  After 39 hours of traveling, we were finally reunited with our Daddy!   Yes, I am holding flowers.  The husband bought these for me in the market on Sunday.  Apparently, he made a HUGE impression on the Zambians.   I am pretty certain that Zambian women are not treated that way by […]

In London

The children and I are waking up from nap here in London and are going to head to the terminal to check in for our next flight soon. The flight will be about 12 hours!!!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!   The children have done very very well.  Little Miss actually snoozed for over 3 hours […]

The journey begins…

The children and I are very very very close to beginning our LONG journey to be with Daddy.  There are about 103 things I would like to share but for now there are a few more loose ends to tie up and a staff development day to attend. Did I mention that we are leaving […]