Monthly Archives: September 2007

A precious family

I recently started keeping up with a blog of a family who gave birth to a precious daughter and then kissed her into the arms of Jesus all in one week.  I call it a trial but after reading the words written by these parents, you will call it a living testimony, an encouragement.   They posted a video […]

Shoes for Orphan Souls

Today our family participated in  This was to support , a  Texas-based Social Service Agency and their  program.  Check out Buckner’s website here.  Why am I mentioning all of this to you?  I mention this b/c this is a big part of our lives.  Not only do we have a heart for missions, esp. international orphan […]

Fab Four meme

Not only is it my first time to respond to a meme tag but it is also my first attempt at a hyperlink.  I hope all goes well!  My friend Anna at Sincerely Anna started me on this! For those of you new to blogging (like I was a mere 5 weeks ago), when there is […]

What she wants

                               She wanted a dog.  We refused.  Then she decided about two years ago that she might never get a dog.  So, either she was very smart or very innocent in telling me, “It’s okay mom, I don’t need a dog, I’ll just take a horse!”   Here we are two years later.  Still without a dog and still without a horse.  […]

What do they really think of us?

I just spent 5 hours at the zoo.  Haven’t been in years so it was a treat for me (and my children).  Anywho, I couldn’t help but laugh when we approached the gorilla.  I was a bit apprehensive when I realized we were standing at the very site of the “gorilla gone mad” incident a couple years […]

My bad hair day

It all started when I called on a particular student one morning.  We were in the midst of devotions finishing up our Ten Commandments Unit.  The hand was raised.  I called upon the child.  “Mrs. K, did you forget to brush your hair this morning?”  Before I could answer, another sweet little first grader agreed saying, […]

Our new family pastime

  The Lad told us on Saturday that we might as well not buy him a helmet because “I will NOT wear it.  I won’t need to.  I am not riding my bike.”  We told him “Fine.”  Inside, I was steaming but I played along and smiled.  After watching his sister (who is four years younger) […]

All three of them

One of my biggest frustration is getting a picture of all three kids together.  I am successful in getting them all in a picture but it is NEVER to my liking.  The Lad is usually the culprit causing all the trouble.  He hates looking at the camera.  I splurged today and bought an ottoman to […]

She has come a long way

I am off from teaching on Fridays so Little Miss and I headed to Dallas for her five year old check-up and my yearly check-up too!  Here are a few pics from her visit.  I decided not to take any of my visit-if you were wondering!     Because she is five and I guess the […]

A few pics to share

                                  These two sat down so quietly this afternoon and began our daily afternoon routine.  They were just too cute munching on apples and doing homework.   I do have proud moments!  I love calm moments around here.  Because… Most of the time we are more like this:  and this Sharing onion breath with Daddy! […]