Monthly Archives: July 2010

Coming to an end

As our ten year old daughter put it, “I have mixed feelings about going home to the States.”  I agree.  I also had to giggle that she now refers to us going back home “to the States.”  That is a world traveler for you! Well, a week from today, we will be on the final […]

Our Children

We have three plus three kiddos!  The Lord has blessed us with three wonderful biological children.  And those three lovely children hand picked three children to add to our family.  The three “extra” kiddos obviously don’t live with us.  They don’t claim our last name.  They don’t even live in our country.  Their pictures are […]

Safari pics

 A little late but I am finally having success in uploading pictures.  Do you see the massive croc ?  Our guide told us it was the biggest he had seen.  It looked lifeless and we all were leaning over the edge of the boat to get a good look.  Seconds after this pic was taken, […]

A day in Zambia

I am realizing that I have not been submerged into the Zambian culture as much as I have desired.  With less than three weeks remaining, I decided to make a bit more effort to do just that.  Of course my cooking responsibilities hinder me from being completely free in doing as I please but for […]

A random photo…

…but not a random thought.   We miss you Auntie Ella Jane!  This photo was taken at Victoria Falls.  We are still thinking about the fun we had as a family.  We are still looking forward to MORE of our family AND friends joining us next year.  Hint. Hint. Hint.  Here are a few more […]

New little one

The husband’s sister had baby boy number two yesterday.  We are so happy to have a new little cousin.  Too bad we are so far away.  Congratulations Aunt Beth and Uncle Richard on the birth of David Andrew. Wish I had some pics to share…. We are very happy and we (esp. the husband and […]


Funny how one of my main focuses at home (in the states) is school.  Now that I am here my focus seems to be shifting a wee bit from cooking to education.  The Lord has put a BIG burden on my heart for education here.  Thankfully a new staff member is coming on board to […]

Going ons

Greetings from Zambia! We are doing very very very well here in Africa.  The time is truly flying by.  We have been here exactly one month and will leave 4 weeks from today. I celebrated my 39th birthday Zambian style on 22 June.  Apparently the Zambians find it great fun to “spill water” on the […]