Monthly Archives: April 2013

#399 The thick layer of Texas bluebonnets circling the nature/walking park. #400 Watching a handful of my wee students play soccer tonight was rather entertaining.  It also tickled me to sit next to my principal and assistant principal supporting our youngest students!  What a community!!! #401 A long phone conversation with my sweet friend, Tiff.  […]

#384 Family dinners out on the patio always produce great conversation among our family.  Add no complaining about the supper to the equation and you have one happy momma!!! #385 My sweet 13 year old eating a full supper after battling the stomach bug last night.  Healing, sweet healing. #386 A quick walk with the […]

Catching up AGAIN

It seems as if I am losing momentum in blogging my gifts. Unacceptable! My recent struggle to record my MANY gifts might be a hint to do something a bit different. I think maybe I will start numbering my gifts and be a little more random, following the prompts when I need a boost or […]

My own!

Sweet gifts from my day…. 1.  Two dedicated teachers who LOVE my curly headed active child met us at Braums to celebrate her finishing the math STARR test.  Sweet victories ! Sweet teachers!  Sweet devotion! 2.  I spend quite a bit of time (off the clock) with our speech therapist writing IEP’s and discussing our […]


Three gifts close… 1.  My parents living ONE block from us!  I never would have imagined this being possible. 2.  My place of work is 2 miles from our house.  Love my commute!!!  The amount of stress driving put on my shoulders in years past was HUGE. 3.  I like having my children’s bedrooms adjacent […]

Gifts today

Veering away from the prompt again today… 1.  Calm in the midst of another jammed pack Sunday! 2.  Realization that the hard in my life does not mean it is not the right choice. And truly, the “hard” in my life are typically very Western (Americanized) problems.  I laughed at loud when I reread what […]

Joy Dare Catch Up

UUUUGH!  Not sure how it happened but I allowed four days to slip through my fingertips. 3 Gifts Woven 1.  Woven baskets lined up at the market in Africa 2.  Round faces with rosy cheeks peeking out from warm wooly hats 3.  Bright colored fabrics sorted by colors at the fabric store 3 Gifts Inherited […]

Hard Eucharisteos

1.  Tomorrow is zoo day in my Pre-K world.  I hate zoo day.  I love zoo day.  It is a lot of work but watching the children get so excited makes my heart happy. 2.  Our son has Asperger’s Syndrome.  He is extremely high functioning and has done WAY better in his middle school years […]

bag, box, book

A gift in a bag:  I remember when we were expecting our first child I spent more time looking for diaper bags than anything other item.  Weird.  It was a sign we were poor and were unable to purchase larger items.  For some strange reason I had my mind set on a Land’s End bag.  […]

Gifts Found Looking Up

1.  Snuggling up next to my man and looking up into his deep, sincere eyes still blesses my heart.  I LOVE my man! 2.  Clear, blue skies hanging out above folks enjoying the spring weather is a sight for sore eyes this time of year. 3.  Have I mentioned how much I like the moon? […]