Monthly Archives: February 2010


Well, I am actually not thinking at all.   I was blessed with a lovely stomach bug over the weekend and can’t seem to get completely over it.  Uuuugh.  And double uugh.  Of course things have not been normal around here due to mom being a bit under the weather.  I am behind on my […]

All Full

*Note* I wrote this over the weekend and am just now getting around to posting this.   The first thing that came to mind when I wrote this title was how much I like to eat.  For shame.  For shame.  I have spent the afternoon sitting by the hotel pool listening watching the children and […]

The Big Snow

And for Texas is was a very BIG snow.   This is our house 7am Friday morning after 22 hours of continuous snow. That is so so so rare for these parts.  Let us back up a day.  This is the view from my front step on Thursday at 7am.  7am in front of our […]

Just some stuff

I haven’t blogged much lately so I thought I would catch up on a few happenings here at the Knightly Manor. Superbowl Sunday: We really did not have plans for the big game – much to our son’s dismay.  He was thrilled when my brother’s family ended up coming over.  It was chaos (my brother […]


I am reading through the Bible this year and so far I am THRILLED with my decision/commitment.  This is NOT easy for me b/c in the past, I have tended to put Bible reading and prayer at the end of my “to do” list.  And YEP, it rarely was accomplished.  I am greatly enjoying reading […]