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Keeping us busy…

        Watching these young ladies play twice per week since November has kept us very very busy.  I have had soooooo much fun going to every game and cheering on this team.  These gals have come soooo far.   They won district this year! Pumpkin has greatly enjoyed playing for Coach Softley […]

a little snooze

I curled up in bed along with Little Miss, the two dogs, and the husband and snoozed this afternoon.  I snoozed in the middle of the day!!!  That never ever happens!!! I snoozed! Granted, it was for five minutes but a snooze is a snooze. The snooze was brief but the cuddling lasted a while. […]

Taking a Break

We are taking a break from our daily routines, being home, and attending school. The first part of Spring Break was extremely low-key with the exception of the three hour wait at the Passport office with all three kiddos.  I had no choice to take them.  We were there b/c it has been five years […]

We call her Gran

            We celebrated the life of this beautiful lady tonight. She is my mother-in-law.  My husband’s mother.  My children’s grandmother. We all call her Gran.  I often look at her and think that she should be called Grand.  She is that GRAND!   She is amazing!  Of course the greatest […]

Gift Catcher

Tonight as my husband dashed out in the cold (yep, down in the teens here in Texas again) to check on our finicky hot water heater, I noticed he had slipped a headlamp around his head. At that same moment I was feeling so overwhelmed by the goodness in my life.  Goodness JUST FROM TODAY! […]

Just a bit of random…

We had early release at school today so the instructional staff could attend STARR Training.  Oh standardized testing how I love thee!  Not really.  I am grateful that I do not teach a testing grade.  I am also grateful for all of the educators who do teach testing grades. The sun came out today. My […]

Winter in Texas

Little Miss and two of our neighbor boys enjoyed some time out in the snow last week.  Our schools released 2 hours early on Thursday and ended up completely canceling on Friday.  Unfortunately Daddy went into work.  Thankfully the roads were not too bad and the husband made it there and back quickly and with […]

Just a few random photos

I was messing around with photos from my memory card today and found a few pictures I have failed to share. Thanksgiving….     Spa Day with the neighbor boys in our bathroom.  It was greatness!   Christmas… Happy New Year!!!

5 Years

Today I was forced to face how much a few things have changed over the past five years. This is what spurred on my thoughts… Yep, it has been five years since we said yes to the call of joining Family Legacy Missions International.  With that call came numerous changes in our lives. The children […]

What I love…

about my family! We laugh a lot. The four people I call family make this house a home. Honesty. Never a dull moment. We serve in Africa together. The children have been most helpful and displayed a happy attitude while daddy was absent. Playing games together. Cuddling is accepted by all. I love that my […]