Monthly Archives: November 2009


Gift giving came a little early this year for the husband and yours truly.   For once I was not the one to tear into the package on the doorstep.  I had it in my mind that I would wrap up our joint camera and share the joy in opening it up with my beloved […]

This time last year…

I was living in a sea of confusion.  I was allowing the unknown to pull me down into dark, cold waters.   I was living in “When we figure out what we were doing, then I will get serious about growing in the Lord.” I wanted to have everything figured out and our life mapped […]

Star Student and Thanksgiving

Little Miss was Star Student in her class a few weeks ago. I am just not getting around to posting pictures.  Mom and /or Dads are welcome to come in a read a favorite book to the class.  I simply walked across the hall.  I love being close to my kids.  That is a bonus […]

Not a lot

Not a lot to share.  Well, that might not be true but there is certainly nothing left in this noggin of mine.   I had a fabulous weekend with little on the agenda.  The husband and I were blessed with about 7 hours of shopping sans kids thanks to my sweet, sweet mom.  I did […]

catching up

My memory card is full so I guess it is time to share some pictures.  Last weekend, we had a little family party for Pumpkin.  Grandaddy and the Lad enjoyed some Fall Football outside. Our pumpkin spending some sweet time with Aunt EJ-who came in town from Amarillo. This is Great Grandmother and Pumpkin.  Isn’t […]