Our new family pastime

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The Lad told us on Saturday that we might as well not buy him a helmet because “I will NOT wear it.  I won’t need to.  I am not riding my bike.”  We told him “Fine.”  Inside, I was steaming but I played along and smiled.  After watching his sister (who is four years younger) take off and become a pro right away, he changed his mind.  He was trying to be discreet in opening up his new helmet and lugging his bike out of the van.  Like we did not see any of this! 

2 hours later… he did not want to go home.  He made much improvement and left the park that night being very independent on the bike. 

I know you are thinking he is mighty old to be having issues riding a bike BUT if you knew the level of his gross motor skills and balance (vestibular) development, you would be rejoicing with us as well! 

And Little Miss!  She took to it like a duck to water.   She actually learned a few months ago but we have been unable to practice.  This week we have gone to a park three times (in four days) and are perfecting this skill. 

Pumpkin has been nervous about riding her bike at home due to it not being too safe with the alley and narrow sidewalks.  Once she practiced a few minutes, off she went around that lake! 


Tonight we had an adventure at a new park.  There is a two mile hilly path around the lake.  Dad rollerbladed, Mom ran, and the kids rode their bikes.  We are enjoying the nicer evenings now.  It was 94 degrees this evening but it felt lovely to us. 



We are greatly enjoying these precious children.  Now if The Lad would only smile!!!


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