Buried in T-shirts and bogged down with other stuff

If all it took was a huge collection of multi colored t-shirts to be ready to go to Africa, then I would say we are most certainly ready to go!


3 weeks from today, the husband will be on a plane heading to Zambia.  The children and I will follow his footsteps (or flying wings) 16 days later.  

A lot of buzzing going on around here.  Most of it has been mainly talk but after this weekend’s full meeting circuit, it certainly feels like the time is drawing nearer and nearer. 

Maybe that’s because it is.  

In just a little over a month, the kids and I will be on our way.  Between now and then I must get the husband ready to go, wrap up a school year, figure out what in the world the Lord is calling us to do about the kids’ schooling and my job situation for the fall, and then pack up the kiddos and fly across several continents.  

Maybe I have lost my mind.  

If I haven’t lost my mind, I most likely will.  

Seriously, I catch myself getting a bit overwhelmed but the excitement is balancing trying out the bedlam. 

For now. 

We shall see.  

We had our third and final team meeting this afternoon.  WOW!  Lots of information.  Good, hearty and useful information but A LOT.  I knew we had some items to purchase but had no idea it would be so interesting and such a long list.  

So far, our list looks something like this: 

-10 personal bandanas or handkerchiefs (to wipe eyes and mouth so as not to use hands after touching so many kids during camp)

-5 miniature flashlights (for occasional power outages)

-battery powered alarm clocks (to wake up early)

-extra batteries

-2 adaptors

-Laptop (yes, they told us we really, really needed a laptop. Good thing we now have George.)

-Antibiotics (just in case) – got the prescriptions written on Friday

-Malaria meds (got that prescription as well but have not decided if we will take it)

-Vitamins (praying about funds to pay for Juice Plus since our consumption of fruits and veggies will be limited)

-25 small bottles of Purell

-30 anti-bacterial handwipes

-toilet paper (10 rolls)

-Travel pack version of toilet paper (cuz you never know…..)

-SUNSCREEN (it might be cooler but we will be on the equator)

-5 dozen pairs of new socks

-lots of snacks (already sent three boxes over on a container)

-padlock to lock up luggage while we are gone from our “house” each day

-gifts for Zambian partner and assistant 

The next group of items is called MINISTRY Items and are required.

-5 boxes of black trash bags

-10 rolls of paper towels

-paper bowls (that is actually for us to use in our house for breakfast)

-Ziplock bags-gallon size

-Ziplock bags-quart size

-Ziplock bags-sandwich size

-15 plastic bottles of jelly/jam

-king size sheets (WOW!  A king size bed.  We never sleep on a king size bed.)  

-our individual COOL travel size Evangecubes 

-a happy and flexible attitude (can I order that with a guarantee!!?!?!?)

They said something about a passport and making copies.  Maybe that is important as well. 

Does all this make me feel a little discombobulated?  Well, a little, but I am looking forward to the adventure and this is part of it.  The biggest fear is being apart from the husband for almost three weeks.  We have NEVER done that before.



  1. Posted April 21, 2009 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    I want to go!!

    You better take George b/c we want updates every chance you get. 🙂

  2. Pam
    Posted April 21, 2009 at 6:17 pm | Permalink

    Your Juice Plus needs have been met. I’ll drop them in the mail tomorrow.

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